Zamfara APC And The Enemies Within

By Khalifa Ja’afar

The Zamfara state former governor, Abdulaziz Yari who claim to be the APC member and even aspiring for the party national chairman, surprisingly, the circulating video clip exposed how his prominent supporters sharing the money they have collected from the PDP presidential aspirant, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in order to work for him in distracting Zamfara state APC.

Honestly, it’s now time to separate the chaff from the wheat. Rather than allow some elements to remain in the party, distracting and deceiving the party members, letting other political parties into us, and using APC to defeat APC in elections, we are calling for the national party stakeholders, though, we need members quite alright, but if you are not ready to be a committed member of APC, if you want to join APGA, PDP, PRP or any other political party, go and join them. We will go there and meet you in the field.

But unfortunately, in the case of APC, the most annoying part is that, maintaining discipline among the party’s rank has remained an uphill task. For one, the mutual suspicion which exists between the party leadership and some of its members has become a major obstacle to the party’s attempts to rise from the ashes of its electoral defeat in some states.

For example, Abdulaziz Yari, has on more than one occasion challenged the party’s authority by threatening to “deal with it”, he openly dared the party leadership to try anything contrary to his choice and await his furious response.

Sincerely, I was deeply heartbroken with the silent of the party leaders in doing the needful or any holistic approach that could rescue and save the party from the black legs and worst enemies of the party, yes they are APC members in the daytime but work for other political parties in the night.

These elements who are afraid of the success of his excellency, Honourable (Dr) Bello Muhammad Matawallen Maradun as a party team player whose only interest was restoring the party to its former glory which lost in their hands, in the sense that, the political dispute between the two party heavyweights Yari and Marafa had contributed in no small measure to APC’s intial loss in the 2019.

And the funniest thing is that, such elements are still there in the party, and even seeing the party as a mere vehicle to achieve their political ambitions rather than a vehicle for service as is the case in developed political climes, after realising Matawalle has already owned the party and it’s structure, they resort to sponsoring media campaigns against the APC and and its new peace efforts in the state. However, the video clip realised how PDP leaders sponsoring them in fueling disagreements among the party leadership, particularly in the northwest. It is believed that the faction against Kano State Governor, Ganduje, was the handiwork of some PDP leaders sponsoring the division.

I therefore calling for the national party leaders with the deep concern, to ensure that the Zamfara APC is rebuilt, refocused, rebranded and reorganised to give the state a good hope in 2023 by doing the major task in repositioning the party and purge it off what it termed “enemies within”.

Khalifa Ja’afar