Motorists, Motorcyclists & Keke Napep Riders Commend Justice Dauran

As the TASKFORCE engage to ease the long queues that exist in almost all the filling stations in the state, the general public especially motorists, motorcyclists, Keke napep riders etc have commended Honourable Abubakar Muhammad Dauran (Justice) as he deploys members of the taskforce committee in all filling stations in order to help and ease the long queues in Gusau metropolis and local government levels.

In a public opinion poles conducted by the publicity sub-committee of the TASKFORCE, many people opined that deployment of the Taskforce members to various filling stations has no doubt helps and makes it smooth in almost all the filling stations serve their customers effectively.

Many people were there interviewed at NNPC MEGA STATIONS, SALBAS, AA RANO & DANMARNA believe that without TASKFORCE MEMBERS people would have suffered and they may not know when to be served because there was no proper arrangement in the filling stations which was very difficult for an individual to have access for fuelling.

People call for Abubakar Dauran to please Dustin the tempo and continue deploying his committee members in case the fuel scarcity persists.