Osinbajo Under Fire Over Pledge To Complete Buhari’s Tasks

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has been criticized for saying he would continue the tasks President Muhammadu Buhari started.

Reno Omokri, a socio-political commentator, said Osinbajo is running for the Presidency to destroy Nigeria.

Omokri noted that Osinbajo’s promise to provide millions of jobs was a ruse because Nigerians became jobless under his administration with Buhari.

In a series of tweets, Omokri insisted that Nigerians do not need Osinbajo’s type of expectations.

He wrote: “Osinbajo’s declaration speech was watery. He says he is running to “complete the task” that Buhari started! Buhari stated extreme poverty and overwhelming insecurity for Nigeria. If Osinbajo is running to “complete” that task, then he is running to destroy Nigeria!

“Osinbajo said he is running to “provide jobs for millions”. The fellow has been in charge of Nigeria’s economy for the last 7 years, according to Buhari himself. Yet, Nigerians have lost millions of jobs created by other administrations. His job record is abysmal!

“Osinbajo said he wants to “birth the expectations of greatness” for Nigeria. Under his leadership of Buhari’s economic management team, Nigeria became the world headquarters for extreme poverty. Nigeria does not need more of Osinbajo’s type of ‘expectations’!”