A Worrying Death Of Professionalism In The Nigerian Media

The attention of Zamfara State Government is drawn to a story circulating in some media as a report said to be sourced from the News Agency Of Nigeria (NAN) where it is reported that Zamfara State Government is sponsoring 97 Clerics on Umrah (lesser Hajj) to pray for peace in Zamfara State.

That, however, is not the intent of the story. The report, covertly sought to ridicule the state Government by twisting the idea of the Umrah to appear as waste of public funds. This is reflected in the last paragraph of the story where the report, unprofessionally, recalled that the state Government earlier distributed 200 Cadillac 2019 cars to Emirs in the state.

From a statement signed by the Special Adviser on Public Enlightenment, Media and Communications, Zailani Bappa, a copy of which was made available to the Spectacles on Thursday, 21st April, 2022.

If indeed, the story came from NAN, then it is unfortunate at this time that one of the last few organisations Nigerians hold with repute is sliding the ladder of unprofessionalism and gutter journalism.

When the state Government distributed vehicles to Emirs and District Heads recently, we made it clear that the Cadillac 2919 offered to the Emirs were for the 17 First Class Emirs of the state only while assorted cars of very cheap costs were acquired for the District heads across the state. Pictures of these vehicles were made public after erroneous presentation by some media organisations on this matter.

It baffled us therefore, to read today that NAN is selling a story to media organisations alleging this same clarified issue in its report, recalling it in a story of completely unrelated matter altogether. We view this as sheer mischief and slant in their professional poise.

NAN should apologise to this obvious intent to cause disaffection to the state Government just as we call on the public to disregard this false reference of a matter which has since been laid to rest.