Mass Defection Of APC Members Is Worrisome – Adamu

Majority of APC members are leaving the party after the fallout of the primary election that did not favour many of them.

The National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Abdullahi Adamu has said he is not deterred by the mass defection of leading members of the party, especially those in the National Assembly.

Adamu while addressing the Senate Press Corps after a closed-door meeting with the Senate caucus on Wednesday said, defections rocking the APC were seasonal and normal, stressing that all manner of behaviour is expected at this time.

“The wave of Senators leaving APC for elsewhere is an unfortunate development when it happens, but this is a season for all manner of behaviours in the political space in the country and Nigeria is not an exception.

“I don’t give a damn about what is happening in other parties. I care about what is happening at our party. You and I know that it is not just in APC that this thing is happening because we are the ruling party, yes our problems are more prominent in the public glare.

“No responsible leader would not worry about losing one member not to talk of two, three. At the moment we are faced with the stark reality of their problems, but I am committed with my colleagues in the National Working Committee to face the problems squarely to see if the problems are solvable by the grace of God,” Adamu said.