ANA: Northern political Group Roots For Akpabio As Senate President

As the 10th National Assembly Leadership is about to be inaugurated in few days time, a Northern political group under the umbrella of Arewa New Agenda (ANA) said the only healing time for the country is to get a Southerner who is a Christian to be the next Senate president.

ANA in a world press conference by the convener, Senator Ahmed Abubakar MoAllahyidi in Abuja said they are mindful of the fact that in the lead up to the determination of the Leadership of the 10th Senate, many highly qualified contenders have publicly thrown their hats into the ring; they come from different regions of the country.

According to him they are respectfully impress on the northerners who are Muslims, to defer their ambition as a sacrifice to promote the spirit of brotherhood, fraternal accommodation and goodwill in our dear country.

Ahmad said the country is looking for a groundswell as Patriotic and informed leaders, in recent times spoken of the iterative fit of someone from the South-South Geopolitical Zone to head the 10th Senate. This being the only Zone never to have held the Position of Senate President in this era of Nigeria’s democratic expression (1999 to date).

Ahmad while addressing journalists said the current dispensation requires leaders with character and tenacity and Senator Godswill Akpabio comes across as a gifted leader with an uncommon grace to navigate the treacherous and difficult political landscape.

He extolled Godswill to have built enduring bridges across the Political, ethnic and religious landscape of a multifaceted country like Nigeria.

“His political sagacity and accommodating win-win ethos will be the highly needed skills required to head the 10th Senate.

“For the APC as a political party, it is time to reward Nigerians who put their fate in the hands of the party despite the clamor by pundits who vehemently oppose the choice of two Muslims as President and Vice President. It is therefore critical to reduce the usual acrimony that characterizes struggle for power among the geo-political zones, in a manner that will reduce unnecessary distractions and foster a peaceful and smooth take-off of the new dispensation under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“ANA will like to use this opportunity to call on well-meaning Nigerians to support President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Vice President Sen. Kashim Shettima, in their onerous task of taking Nigeria to great heights.

He reiterated that ANA is after the unity of the country as the election of principal officers of the two chambers of the national assembly is coming at a time when some sections of the polity are already jittery of the fact that the President and Vice President are Muslims, the Chief Justice of Nigeria CJN is a Muslim and the front-runner for the Speaker of the house of representatives is also a Muslim.

“Taking deliberate steps to reserve the position for the South with a Christian on the saddle is a bold move that has the propensity of further uniting Nigeria across both tribal and religious lines. It is a very desirable and progressive move that is capable of engendering peace and national stability. It will also demonstrate, empathy, accommodation and a sense of belonging that will erode the fear of exclusion and marginalization.

“As you are now aware, the Arewa New Agenda ANA, has been in the forefront of seeking to promote the continuing prominence, relevance, involvement and participation of “the north” in national sociopolitical and economic activities through its vision of a Nigeria; where the north is capable, vibrant and takes ownership of its future.

“As a northern voice engaging in the promotion of social harmony and peaceful coexistence in our great country Nigeria, we are today addressing this world-press conference ahead of the inauguration of the 10th national assembly coming up in the next few days- essentially to add our voice and prevail on our newly elected distinguished senators and honorable members of the house of representatives to use the election of their presiding officers as an activity that will demonstrate social peace building, national cohesion and healing.

“ANA is concerned that a situation where all the leadership of the Executive, Legislature and the judiciary are Muslims does not provide the needed balance, inclusion and cohesion that our diversity requires at this moment; it is for this reason that the quest to have a Southern Christian as President of the 10th Senate is laudable, commendable and most reassuring.

“ANA notes that this is the time for national reconciliation; and in the spirit of our greater tomorrow, all parties involved in bringing about the leadership of the new dispensation need to join hands to usher in a new dawn in the country on the inauguration of the 10th National Assembly.

“As we collectively match towards making our nation great again, the election of the 10th national assembly leadership and the inauguration of the legislature is a time to heal Nigeria and we look forward to the peace and tranquility that will follow this very important national activity.” Ahmad said.