Rival APC Camp Kicks Against Cabinet Slot For Wike

A faction of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State has alleged that former governor Nyesom Wike is seeking a ministerial position as a launchpad for his 2027 presidential aspirations.

LEADERSHIP reports that a faction led by the former chief of staff to the Rivers State Government and a stalwart of the party, Chief Tony Okocha, appealed to Tinubu to consider Wike for a ministerial appointment.

However, a different faction of the party, represented by director, Election Planning and Management, Rivers State Chapter of the Tinubu/Shettima Independent Campaign Council (ICC), Chief Kadilo Kabari, in a press briefing in Abuja yesterday condemned calls for Tinubu to consider Wike for a Ministerial appointment.

Specifically, Kabari highlighted Magnus Abe’s significant contributions to Tinubu’s victory in the state during the February 25 presidential election, suggesting that Wike’s impact was comparatively limited.

Kabari stated, “Politics is a game of numbers. It seems Wike’s support is driven by the need for a safe haven, given his losses in previous political equation.

He said the Tinubu presidency will be a safe haven, adding that the battle for ministerial positions was a war chest for the next election, based on the former governor’s antecedent.

He continued, “I am not opposed to Wike joining the APC; in fact, we have several former governors who are members. However, none of them has claimed control over the party’s structure. If it were the incumbent governor joining, it would be understandable. At this point, I am speaking not as a partisan, but as a staunch supporter of Tinubu.

During the governorship, I stood with Magnus, and I make no apologies for that.”

Kabari further dismissed the claims made by Okocha, asserting that Wike’s contributions were fabricated, implying that Wike’s camp is attempting to take credit for the work of others.

He stated, “Okocha and his supporters should be ashamed because the situation in Rivers State and the elections can be likened to the biblical story of the husbandman and partakers of the first fruits. We had individuals who cleared the path, tilled the soil, planted the seeds, and nurtured their growth. As the plants blossomed, everyone found their own branch in different political aspirations.”

He also cautioned against the spread of false information targeting Magnus Abe and other political figures, stressing the importance of personalising pursuits based on honesty, ability, merit, and fairness.