Niger Deploys Military Forces At Beninese Border Amid ECOWAS Intervention (Video)

Niger’s coup leaders have initiated the deployment of military personnel along the border with Benin, as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) contemplates military intervention to reinstate constitutional order.

According to reports from The Spectacles, a video shared on social media by counter-insurgency expert Zagazola Makama depicts a convoy of military vehicles advancing along the border.

In the video, local residents can be seen enthusiastically greeting the arriving soldiers.

Makama has asserted that this deployment is a proactive measure in anticipation of a potential ECOWAS military intervention.

ECOWAS has issued warnings of employing force to oust the junta that seized control of Niger on July 26, subsequently suspending the constitution.

As of now, ECOWAS has not provided a specific timeline for its intervention.