Senators’ Secret Plot To Remove Akpabio: A Strategy To Crush Tinubu’s Gov’t

A group of discontented senators aiming to impeach Senate President Godswill Akpabio is also plotting to disrupt President Bola Tinubu’s government, according to reliable sources.

These sources have identified four senators from the North, including two former Northwest governors, deeply involved in this plan.

Over recent weeks, these senators have convened multiple meetings to execute the first phase of their strategy, which revolves around ousting Akpabio. It’s worth noting that two of these meetings took place outside the country.

Inside the National Assembly, some lawmakers are concerned that Akpabio’s proximity to the President could jeopardize the legislature’s independence.

Additionally, some senators remain dissatisfied with the National Assembly’s leadership emergence and the zoning arrangement of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

According to an undisclosed top official, these disgruntled lawmakers are determined to remove Akpabio and have been actively persuading other colleagues to join their cause, with the support of lawmakers and governors from the South, including two Southwest lawmakers.

Currently, they claim to have garnered the backing of ten senators while awaiting responses from others.

Their destabilization plan involves hiring Marabouts in Saudi Arabia to influence the Nigerian Senate’s leadership and enlisting armed non-state actors to undermine the Tinubu government’s popularity in the North.

A key figure in this plot is a senator from Bauchi who leads a significant security committee in the Senate. This source also revealed that this lawmaker has formed alliances with violent non-state actors to create unrest in the North, potentially reviving banditry and kidnappings.

These actions are an attempt to compel the President into negotiations, potentially leading to their candidate becoming the new Senate President if their impeachment bid fails.

In a post-Akpabio scenario, these dissatisfied lawmakers intend to launch a new political party to challenge the ruling APC. Sources suggest they have already registered this party using individuals outside of the APC. This new party aims to exploit perceived weaknesses in the Tinubu-led administration and potentially shift power back to the North in the 2027 general election.

Some Northern elites and businessmen are reportedly dedicating resources to support this endeavor in the 2027 election.