OPay Responds To Viral Video Alleging Fraudulent Withdrawals

Several OPay customers experienced anxiety on Sunday when a video surfaced online featuring individuals voicing complaints about unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts.

In the video, OPay agents gathered at the Alender House Office of the company in the Alausa area of Ikeja to protest against what they claimed were unauthorized transactions on their accounts.

They stated that they had been facing frequent unauthorized withdrawals and had previously reported the issue to the company without resolution. They also mentioned involving the police to recover their funds.

A spokesperson for the agents on camera stated, “Significant sums were unlawfully removed from our accounts. Account balances vanished, some funds were transferred to other banks, while others were used to purchase airtime or sent to different OPay accounts unrelated to us.”

The video raised concerns about the safety of customers’ funds in the digital bank. However, it’s important to note that the video was originally posted online in August 2021, indicating that the incident was not recent.

OPay responded on Sunday, clarifying that the video was old, but for some customers who had already acted out of panic by withdrawing their funds, the clarification came too late.

One OPay customer, Olanrewaju Abdulyekeen, who withdrew his funds due to anxiety, commented on the company’s response, saying, “I have fallen victim to scams recently. Thank goodness I withdrew my money from your account. Communication is crucial. Learn to communicate with your customers during crises or issues.”

OPay issued a statement on Sunday, reassuring its customers of the platform’s security and the safety of their funds.

The statement read, “We have noticed an old video circulating on some social media platforms regarding alleged fraudulent activities on certain OPay Agent accounts.

We want to clarify that these allegations are dated and have been resolved in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. We urge our customers and the public to disregard the video and its content.

We remain dedicated to safeguarding our users from any fraudulent activities or scams, as customer data protection is our top priority.”