Police Uncover Suspects In Killing Of Zamfara Journalist, Danjibga

The Zamfara State Police Command has apprehended two individuals, Mansur Haruna and Ibrahim Nababa, in connection with the tragic killing of Hamisu Danjibga, a respected journalist in the state.

In a press conference held at the Police Command Headquarters in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State, Commissioner of Police Mohammed Dalijan disclosed that the suspects, Mansur and Ibrahim, have been implicated in the journalist’s murder. Hamisu Danjibga, who served as a reporter for Voice of Nigeria (VON), is believed to have been the victim of this heinous crime.

The Commissioner of Police explained that the arrests were made swiftly after the journalist’s untimely demise.

According to Commissioner Dalijan, Mansur, the primary suspect and nephew of Hamisu Danjibga, has confessed to the police about the events leading up to the tragic incident. It was revealed that Mansur and Ibrahim had planned to kidnap the journalist.

“Mansur, the primary suspect, is the son of Danjibga’s elder brother and was residing with the late Danjibga in Gusau. However, due to concerns about his criminal inclinations, Danjibga refused to vouch for him to join the Nigerian Army,” Commissioner Dalijan stated.

“As a result, Mansur was asked to leave Danjibga’s residence and he sought refuge with his friend, Ibrahim Nababa. Together, they hatched a plan to abduct Danjibga.”

“When they confronted Danjibga at his residence, he resisted their attempts to take him away, expressing disbelief that his own nephew was involved in such a scheme.

Tragically, this confrontation turned violent, leading to Mansur stabbing Danjibga three times in the chest, while his accomplice, Ibrahim, struck him twice on the head with a cutlass. Regrettably, Danjibga succumbed to his injuries, and the assailants disposed of his body by placing it inside a soakaway at an Islamiyya school,” Commissioner Dalijan recounted.

In addition to these arrests, the police have also detained a suspected bandit responsible for transporting military equipment from Aba in Abia State to a known hideout for bandits in the Kaura-Namoda Local Government Area of Zamfara State.