Rarara’s Bold Declaration: Buhari’s Leadership ‘Killed’ Nigeria

Dauda Abdullahi Rarara, a well-known political singer in Nigeria, recently spoke out about his role in promoting President Buhari. In a candid statement, Rarara acknowledged that he had actively supported Buhari’s presidency and candidly discussed his views on the state of the APC government.

Rarara openly criticized President Buhari for his management of the country, and he expressed these concerns in a video that was shared on social media by his aide, Rabi’u Garba Gaya.

In his passionate address, Rarara suggested that Buhari’s leadership had taken a toll on the country, likening it to “killing” the nation before attempting to “revive” it. He implored people to speak the truth about the situation, pointing out that during the PDP era, it was declared that the nation is like a woman, which is why Buhari earned the trust of the people.

Rarara admitted that he had been involved in promoting Buhari in one capacity but expressed regret for not fully comprehending the situation. He mentioned that if he had known the consequences, he might not have engaged in promoting Buhari, but he believed he was doing so for a noble cause. He acknowledged his past support for Buhari, even when mistakes were made, and highlighted that people were aware of the realities but chose to remain silent.