Nigerians Know Politicians Are Thieves, Yet Continue To Elect Them – Amaechi

In a widely circulated video shared on Channels TV’s official ‘X’ page, Amaechi, a prominent political figure, has made a thought-provoking statement about the Nigerian electorate’s mindset.

Amaechi’s remarks underscore what he perceives as a certain complacency among Nigerians regarding the integrity of their politicians. He expresses his viewpoint as follows:

“It’s quite evident that Nigerians often remain unresponsive to political revelations. Have you ever encountered a politician openly admitting to being corrupt or refraining from boasting about their educational achievements?

Nigerians are well aware of such realities, and yet, they continue to cast their votes in favor of these politicians. So, I must ask: What exactly is the issue here? Can you pinpoint it?”

Amaechi goes on to make a stark observation: “You could line up ten Nigerians and, unfortunately, the outcome might not differ significantly.”

He adds, “Rather than actively seeking solutions to the challenges they face, Nigerians sometimes resort to self-destructive behaviors. My hope is that you will choose a different path, one that leads towards constructive change.”