Zamfara Governor Calls For Religious Leaders To Stay Out Of Politics

In a recent address, Zamfara State Governor Dr. Dauda Lawal urged the state’s Islamic Ulama Consultative Council (UCC) to steer clear of political involvement, emphasizing that their primary focus should remain on their vital role of enlightening the public about matters of right and wrong.

This call was made during a religious gathering organized by the State Ministry for Religious Affairs, which marked the 24th anniversary of the implementation of Islamic Shariah law in Zamfara State. This significant milestone was achieved under the leadership of former Governor Senator Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura back in the year 2000.

Governor Dauda’s statement was in response to some Islamic scholars, who have challenged the Governor and his administration, claiming that they had veered away from the principles of Shariah in the state. They alleged that the government was relying on technocrats to manage its affairs without seeking their counsel.

In his response, Governor Dauda clarified that he was fully committed to supporting the Islamic Shariah in various ways, both academically and financially. However, he was resolute in not permitting any misuse of government resources in the name of Shariah.

Separately, the Honourable Commissioner for Religious Affairs, Alhaji Suleman Adamu Gummi, and his Permanent Secretary, Mallam Bashir Sarajo Gusau, expressed their gratitude to the Governor for his unwavering support of the ministry’s efforts in advancing Islamic Shariah in the state. They recognized the importance of the Governor’s backing and were appreciative of the resources allocated to this endeavor.