Teachers In Banditry-Affected Areas Deserve Special Allowance – NUT Chair

Mallam Abdullahi Muhammad, the Katsina State Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), shed light on the challenges faced by teachers in the banditry-ravaged areas in an interview with Punch.

Acknowledging the severe security challenges in the state, Muhammad commended Governor Dikko Radda’s proactive approach, emphasizing the governor’s commitment to addressing security concerns across all local government areas. Muhammad highlighted the launch of a community watch corps equipped with motorcycles and patrol vehicles to collaborate with security agents.

While addressing the issue of teacher kidnappings, Muhammad clarified that the NUT is not involved in ransom negotiations but extends assistance to the families of kidnapped members. Fortunately, no NUT member has been lost to kidnapping, as those released opted to remain at their duty posts due to familial ties in the affected areas.

Regarding the strength of the NUT in the state, Muhammad estimated over 7,000 teachers, emphasizing that all teachers in both secondary and primary schools are permanent and pensionable employees, with no temporary or part-time positions.

Expressing concern for teachers in high-risk areas, Muhammad appealed to the government to provide special allowances for NUT members working in frontline councils, acknowledging their dedication despite security challenges. He lauded the government’s measures to ensure the safety of students, including the relocation of pupils from boarding schools in insecure areas to the state capital.

Responding to Governor Radda’s call for residents to carry weapons for self-protection, Muhammad maintained a neutral stance as a civil servant, stating that such requests are policy matters for the government to address.

Regarding security measures in schools following the 2020 Kankara abduction, Muhammad expressed satisfaction with the ongoing efforts, including fencing all schools and establishing local security committees. He urged support for the governor’s administration and emphasized the need for valuable suggestions and advice.

In a message to teachers facing insecurity-related challenges, Muhammad encouraged them to persist in their commitment to education and the well-being of pupils. He called on parents to monitor their children’s movements and emphasized the importance of education as the foundation for life’s achievements, urging students to cooperate with school authorities and take their studies seriously.