BREAKING: Tinubu Orders Withdrawal Of Police From VIPs

The Minister of State for Police Affairs, Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim, announced on Monday during a two-day management retreat that the police high command will implement President Bola Tinubu’s directive to withdraw police personnel from VIP security duties. The focus will shift towards developing a community policing strategy.

Addressing the critical state of the Nigeria Police Force and the Ministry of Police Affairs, Suleiman-Ibrahim emphasized the commitment to aligning efforts with President Buhari’s vision for a renewed and highly effective NPF, acknowledging the challenges resulting from decades of neglect.

She highlighted the need for the Police Inspectorate Department to enhance operations through robust monitoring, evaluation, and accountability. Additionally, she urged the Police Service Department to optimize administration, adopt cutting-edge technology, and contribute to evolving an intelligence-led, technology-driven, inclusive, and community-based police force.

Suleiman-Ibrahim emphasized the role of the Planning, Research, and Statistics Department as a knowledge hub, fostering partnerships with research institutions and shaping evidence-based strategies for the Nigerian Police Force.

Regarding the withdrawal of Police Mobile Force personnel from VIP escort duties, the Inspector General of Police, Olukayode Egbetokun, clarified that the intention is not to strip legally entitled VIPs of security details. Instead, the personnel will be reassigned to the recently established Special Intervention Squad.

The withdrawal applies specifically to Police Mobile Force personnel and does not constitute a blanket ban on all police officers providing VIP escort services. Applications for specialized police escorts will be thoroughly assessed for consideration based on legal frameworks. Egbetokun encouraged a comprehensive understanding by referring to official press releases for accurate information.