Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi Donates ₦100m To Palestine, Conveys Powerful Message To All Muslims

Maulana Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, a prominent Islamic Scholar and Leader of the Tijjaniyya Sect, has generously contributed one hundred million Naira to aid the people of Palestine in their struggle against Israel.

The donation was prompted by a letter from Khalifa Sheikh Muhammadul Mahiy Inyass, the eldest son of Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass, urging disciples of Sheikh Ibrahim to collectively raise one million dollars for the Palestinians at war.

During the presentation of the donation, Maulana Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, the esteemed scholar of the Islamic Religion and leader of the Tijjaniya Sect, witnessed the offering of One hundred million Naira (₦100 million), equivalent to one hundred thousand US dollars.

The letter from Sheikh Mahiy’s spokesperson in Nigeria outlined Sheikh Muhammad-l-Mahy Inyass’s commitment, representing Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass. In the letter, he pledged to donate one million US dollars to Palestine, emphasizing that this call for assistance is directed towards all Muslims, whether disciples, non-disciples, or Tijjaniyya members, as it pertains to the concerns of the Muslim community. The letter highlighted Sheikh Ibrahim’s longstanding support for Palestine, stressing the urgency to aid them in their current plight.

Upon reading the letter, Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi announced his pledge of one hundred million Naira and encouraged individuals across Nigeria to contribute according to their means.

He specified that Tijjani disciples, in adherence to the directive from the caliph, are obliged to contribute, while for other Muslims who are not part of the Tijjaniyya, the contribution is voluntary, as clarified by Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi.