Sheikh Jangebe Goes Into Hiding Amid Controversy Over Viral Video

Sheikh Tukur Sani Jangebe, the former Chief Imam of Gusau GRA Jumuat Mosque in Zamfara, has gone into hiding after resigning from his position. His resignation came last Friday in the wake of a viral video where he criticized Governor Dauda Lawal and spoke favorably about his predecessor, Bello Matawale.

The video clip sparked controversy on social media, leading to mixed reactions among political elites, society members, and religious communities in the state.

Sheikh Saidu Maikwano strongly criticized Sheikh Jangebe’s words, deeming them unethical towards the leader. Ultimately, Maikwano denounced the propagation of such sentiments, expressing fierce opposition to criticism against the leaders.

Additionally, another source confirms to The Spectacles that Sheikh Jangebe went into hiding due to life-threatening threats from the state’s residents. His words had angered the people, leading them to send threatening text messages, perceiving him as an adversary to Zamfara state and its development.

In a phone interview, Sheikh Jangebe confirmed his departure from Zamfara, citing security concerns and a desire to ease tensions resulting from his comments in the video.

He stated, “I am not in Zamfara state at the moment. I decided to leave the state for security reasons and also to let the matter die down naturally. Some people are not happy with what I said in that video clip, so I resigned my position as Chief Imam and left the state.”

However, the cleric declined to disclose his current location. This incident echoes a similar situation during the administration of former Governor Bello Mattawalle, where Sheikh Jangebe resigned as Commissioner for Religious Affairs, citing alleged non-performance by the then governor.