Atiku Power play: PDP Crisis Intensifies as Atiku Eyes 2027 Presidential Ticket

The ongoing turmoil within the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) continues to surge as Atiku Abubakar gears up to resurrect his presidential aspirations ahead of the 2027 elections. Recent indications highlight Atiku’s intensified efforts to reclaim his footing within the party following his defeat to President Bola Tinubu in the 2023 polls, a loss upheld by both the election tribunal and Supreme Court.

Reports from Politics Nigeria underscore Atiku’s strategic maneuvers, signaling a shift in focus towards the upcoming 2027 presidential race. Sources suggest Atiku is orchestrating moves to solidify his influence within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in preparation for the upcoming political contest.

The aftermath of Atiku’s unsuccessful legal challenge against President Tinubu’s victory has seemingly propelled him to redirect energies towards securing a stronghold within the PDP for his future political bid. However, Atiku and his faction express discontent with the PDP’s current acting national chairman, Ambassador Iliya Damagum, whom they accuse of aligning with FCT minister Nyesom Wike and his G-5 faction, sparking unsuccessful attempts by Atiku’s camp to remove Damagum from office.

An undisclosed source revealed, “Following his setback in the previous Presidential Election, Atiku is strategizing to assert control over the PDP, aiming for a comeback in 2027. His continued belief in his prospects drives this resolve. Contrary to claims, his presence in the UAE isn’t for protecting democracy but for strategizing his political moves.”

The source further highlighted Atiku’s acknowledgment of his inability to command absolute authority within the PDP during the last election, citing internal party discord without consequences. Despite this, Atiku employed a makeshift party structure, leveraging a weakened party during the campaign and election, ensuring no formidable resistance post-election.

The rift widens as Atiku’s faction expresses dissatisfaction with Damagum’s alignment with influential PDP figures like Wike. Complicating matters, the PDP leadership appears divided between factions, including Wike/the G-5 and the PDP Governors’ Forum, led by Governor Bala Mohammed, a potential challenger for the party’s ticket in the impending 2027 polls, adding another layer of complexity to Atiku’s political calculus.