Bauchi University Closed After Student’s Murder!

The recent tragic incident involving the alleged murder of Joseph Agabaidu, a 500-level student pursuing Applied Geology, has plunged the Yelwa Kagadama community into turmoil. The unsettling event led to protests by several individuals within the Yelwa Campus, resulting in disturbances and a significant breach of peace.

In response to these tumultuous events, the Vice Chancellor, acting on behalf of the Senate, has authorized the closure of the university for an initial period of one week. The closure is scheduled to commence from Monday, the 4th of December, through to Sunday, the 10th of December, 2023.

In adherence to this directive, all undergraduate students across both campuses are required to vacate the university premises with immediate effect. Failure to comply with this order may result in appropriate sanctions imposed by the constituted authority.

This decision has been communicated to the Dean of the Students Affairs Division and the Chief Security Officer to ensure strict compliance. Signed by Haj. Fatima Inuwa Abdullati, Deputy Registrar Academic For. Registrar.

The closure follows the unfortunate demise of Joseph Agabaidu, who fell victim to a fatal stabbing by armed assailants while en route to his residence located at the Yelwan Tudu Market in Bauchi state around 7 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. The students’ subsequent protests emerged as a response to this heart-wrenching loss, intensifying the call for justice and safety within the university community.