Nigerians Fear for Funds as Opay App Remains Inaccessible

Opay, a prominent fintech company, faced an unexpected shutdown lasting over an hour on Monday evening, leaving Nigerians unable to conduct transactions through its app. The outage triggered widespread worry among users, prompting an outpouring of concerns on various social media platforms.

Expressing anxiety, one Twitter user, @8jagistplug, wrote: “I no understand wetin Opay Dey do this night make I just sleep wake up first. Abeg make nothing happen to my 1.5 Billion.” Another user, @iamvinicius_snr, voiced the potential impact: “If opay crashes the amount of small businesses that would crash with it would be crazy.” Similarly, @cajal_ebuara shared a distressing experience, stating, “Please oh I made a transfer of 80k from my Opay and I haven’t gotten the money in my other account, and the most scary thing is that it’s not showing in my transactions!”

Responding to the concerns, Opay communicated through its app that the system was undergoing maintenance and assured users that all services would soon be fully operational. Their statement read: “Dear user. The system is currently under maintenance, and all services will be restored soon. Please bear with us.