NLC President Ajaero Joins Tinubu At Global Energy Transition Summit During COP28 In Dubai

A distinguished panel of discussants convened at the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Side Event during COP28 in Dubai yesterday, focusing on the workers’ perspective amid the world’s transition to cleaner energy sources.

Leading the discussions at this sideline event was Comrade Joe Ajaero, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress. Ajaero emphasized the NLC’s commitment to ensuring the provision of social safety nets and comprehensive insurance policies for workers who might face job displacements in the wake of the ongoing global energy transition.

As the world undertakes a shift away from fossil fuels, the call for a ‘just transition’ has gained momentum, with a focus on leaving no one, especially those employed in fossil fuel industries, behind. The NLC’s organized side event at COP28, themed ‘Justice for workers in the just transition,’ aimed to advocate for workers’ rights as the global discourse on cleaner energy intensifies.

Ajaero stated during his address, “Despite the global concerns about potential job losses, especially in the energy sector, I am optimistic about the future. A transition towards energy sufficiency, aiming for nearly 100,000 megawatts or more, will not only diversify our energy sources but also create additional employment opportunities. Contrary to the belief in job losses, if we manage these emerging sectors well and control emissions effectively, we will witness an increase in the workforce.”

Acknowledging the need for preparedness during this transition, Ajaero asserted, “As representatives of workers’ organizations, we are taking proactive measures to establish social safety nets, robust pension policies, and comprehensive insurance coverage for those who might be adversely affected by this transition. It is imperative as the current pension and insurance policies are grossly inadequate to meet the challenges of the evolving job landscape.”

In summary, President Ajaero’s address at COP28 highlights the NLC’s dedication to safeguarding the interests of workers during the global energy transition, ensuring their well-being through the establishment of effective safety nets and insurance mechanisms.