NAF Strikes Down Bandit Chief Behind UniGusau Female Student Kidnapping and His Militants

In a groundbreaking development, the Nigerian Air Force executed a precision strike that led to the demise of the infamous bandit warlord, Ali Alheri, widely recognized as Kachalla Ali Kawaje. This notorious figure was the mastermind behind the heinous kidnapping of female students from the Federal University of Gusau. The targeted airstrike, conducted on Monday, December 11th, 2023, resulted in the neutralization of Ali Alheri along with a significant number of his cohorts.

The successful operation, orchestrated by the Nigerian Air Force, delivered a decisive blow to the criminal network responsible for the abduction that had sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Ali Alheri, known for his ruthless tactics and reign of terror, met his end in the aftermath of this calculated and swift military action. The collaborative efforts of security forces culminated in this critical strike, delivering a resounding message of justice and retribution against those perpetuating violence and instilling fear in the region.

The demise of the bandit kingpin, responsible for orchestrating the traumatic kidnapping at the Federal University of Gusau, marks a monumental victory in the ongoing battle against insurgency and lawlessness. The Nigerian Air Force’s targeted operation not only eliminated a significant threat but also signifies a resolute step towards restoring safety and security to the affected region, providing a glimmer of hope to the community and reaffirming the commitment of the nation’s security apparatus.