Breaking: Kaduna Bombing Victims Take Legal Action Against Nigeria

The aftermath of the military drone attack on Tundun Biri in Kaduna State has taken a legal turn as victims of the tragic incident have taken action against the Nigerian government. Residents of Tundun Biri, represented by Alhaji Dalhatu Salihu through counsel Mukhtar Usman Esq, filed a lawsuit at the Federal High Court in Kaduna on December 8, 2023, seeking justice and the enforcement of their fundamental human rights.

The legal action stems from the devastating military drone attack during the Islamic Maulud celebration in Tundun Biri, Igabi Local Government Area. The victims’ representative, Alhaji Dalhatu Salihu, has emphasized the violation of the victims’ right to life under Section 33 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria and Article 10(1) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights. The suit challenges the aerial bombardment’s legality and constitutionality, urging redress for the tragic loss of life.

Among the sought reliefs is a compensation claim amounting to N33 billion and a formal apology to be published in three national dailies. Despite the case hearing yet to be scheduled by the court, the victims stand firm in seeking justice, while President Bola Tinubu’s remarks about the incident as a divine event have echoed across media platforms. This legal action marks a significant step in the pursuit of justice for the victims and the community affected by the Kaduna drone attack.