Bauchi Deputy Gov Rates His Principal As The Best Performing Governor In Nigeria

From Abdullahi Idris, Bauchi

:Acknowledges the Governor’s exceptional leadership qualities

The Bauchi State Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon. Mohammed Auwal Jatau on Monday described Governor Bala Mohammed’s commitment to infrastructure development for greater Bauchi state as unprecedented.

Auwal Jatau in a goodwill message at the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of 5.2KM dual carriage road in Azare, Katagum Local government flagged off by the Governor, applauded his unwavering commitment and visionary leadership in prioritizing the development of the state’s infrastructure.

The Deputy Governor observed that Governor Bala Mohammed’s tireless efforts in ensuring that communities across the state have access to modern road networks is a testament to his dedication and passion for uplifting the lives of his people.

He noted that the construction of this 5.2KM dual carriage road in Azare is not just a mere infrastructure project, but it is a symbol of progress and prosperity, hence the need for the benefitting community to embrace the opportunities it brings for the development of local businesses, improved access to healthcare and education, and a stronger sense of community cohesion.

“I am honored to join you today at this auspicious ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the 5.2KM dual carriage road in Azare, Katagum Local Government. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone in our collective journey towards infrastructural growth and development in Bauchi state.

“We are grateful to our Governor for empowering our people and in particular prioritizing the welfare and well-being of the people of Katagum Emirate. To our people, this road construction is a direct response to your needs and aspirations. The aim is to create safe and efficient roadways that will enhance connectivity, facilitate economic growth, and improve the overall quality of life for everyone in this zone.”

Auwal Jatau then acknowledged the Governor’s exceptional leadership qualities and reaffirmed his unflinching loyalty and support to the collective commitment of transforming the state into a thriving hub of development and prosperity.