Poverty, Unemployment Drive Banditry in Northwest – Kaduna Governor

Amidst the ongoing challenges of banditry and kidnapping in the Northwest region, Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has highlighted poverty and unemployment as significant factors driving these security issues. Speaking during a gathering with members of the state’s Elders’ Forum, Governor Sani emphasized the crucial role of good governance in addressing these concerns.

Acknowledging the intensified military efforts against banditry and kidnapping, including the establishment of two additional Forward Operation Bases (FOBs) in Kaduna, Governor Sani stressed the importance of non-kinetic solutions alongside military actions. He underscored the need for comprehensive approaches, including economic development and educational initiatives, to tackle the root causes of insecurity.

Governor Sani also announced plans for a security trust fund aimed at fostering collaboration between the government and the private sector in addressing security challenges. Additionally, he highlighted a $28 million support initiative from Kuwait to enhance education for out-of-school children in the state, emphasizing the role of education in fostering economic prosperity and reducing insecurity.

Addressing the underlying economic disparities in the region, Governor Sani emphasized the importance of empowering marginalized communities through education and economic opportunities. He underscored the significance of good governance in ensuring access to education, healthcare, and economic prosperity for all residents, thereby addressing the root causes of insecurity in the Northwest region.

In conclusion, Governor Sani emphasized the need for a multifaceted approach, encompassing both military and non-military interventions, to effectively address the security challenges facing the Northwest region. He reiterated his commitment to promoting good governance and socioeconomic development as key pillars in achieving lasting peace and security in Kaduna State and beyond.