Democracy Biting The Citizens, Like A Snake

By Adamu Yalwa Gabi, Anipr

The olden days’ political campaign strategy, employed by the aspirants or candidates to persuade the electorate through promises such as “we will drill a yogurt (Fura da Nono) producing machine in your domain,” has now changed to the use of spaghetti and other food items to win the hearts of the common man.

These tactics, which shortchange and undermine the mindset of the victims due to hunger, poverty, and illiteracy, require a second thought by the wrong doers to understand the reality of life.

Engaging in such a slave trade action amounts to selling the rights and privileges of the average Nigerian, who ends up living hand to mouth for a complete four years of one tenure or beyond, in the name of vote buying at the detriment of their grid.

Taking the recent economic hardship faced by the majority of the people in the country as a clear example, people throw themselves into call for attitudinal change by both the masses and those in authority for enhanced livelihood and good Governance.

Gabi, a journalist, writes from Bauchi and can be reached on adamumgabi@gmail.com or +2348033990884