Vice-Chancellors Warn FG Against Forcing ASUU Into Another Strike

The Committee of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (CVCNU) is reiterating its call for the Federal Government to uphold the recent agreement made with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), cautioning against actions that could lead to another round of strikes.

Prof Yakubu Ochefu, the Secretary-General of the committee, emphasized this in an exclusive interview with Tribune Online, highlighting the importance of both parties adhering to the terms of the agreement reached last year.

He expressed concern over the lack of trust between the government and ASUU regarding past agreements, underscoring that failure to honor these agreements has historically prompted industrial actions.

Ochefu urged the government to act swiftly to prevent the current situation from deteriorating to the point of another strike, noting that the impending anniversary of the unfulfilled agreement could further strain relations between the parties.

He emphasized that industrial action is detrimental to Nigeria and urged both the government and ASUU to work together to avert it.