BREAKING: Ibadan Residents Protest In Mass Rally Against Rising Cost of Living

On Monday, residents of Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, took to the streets to voice their discontent over the steep increase in the cost of living and the overall economic situation. Gathered around the Mokola area, protesters wielded placards emblazoned with messages such as ‘End food price surge and inflation,’ ‘Open borders Now’, ‘The impoverished are going hungry,’ and ‘Tinubu, fulfill your promises,’ expressing their frustrations.

In addition to displaying their grievances through placards, the protesters also vocalized their concerns through chants, amplifying the collective outcry against the economic hardships. Despite the peaceful nature of the rally, armed policemen were present at the scene, ensuring order.

The rally, sparked by the removal of petrol subsidies, sheds light on the growing frustration among citizens grappling with the burdensome cost of living. Further updates on this developing story will follow.