Zamfara Hisbah Enforces Ban on Unlawful Marriage Ceremonies

Taking steps to uphold religious and cultural standards, the Zamfara state Hisbah commission has prohibited activities like ‘Kamu’, ‘Kauyawa Day’ and ‘Fulani Day’, along with unauthorized marriage events across the state.

During a press briefing in Gusau, Sheikh Umar Hassan, the Executive Chairman of the commission, emphasized the state’s concern over the infiltration of non-religious practices into Islamic marriage traditions.

To tackle this issue head-on, the commission has established three dedicated committees: information and intelligence, monitoring and surveillance, and consultation. These committees will work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure strict adherence to the ban.

Zamfara state has long been associated with the implementation of Islamic Shariah law, although challenges such as political interference and lack of commitment have hindered its full execution.