No Governor Has Denied Receiving 30 Billion Naira, Says Shehu Sani

Following Senate President Goodwill Akpabio’s disclosure that all state governors received ₦30 billion each from the Federation Account to address inflation and high food costs, Senator Shehu Sani has emphasized that no governor has refuted this claim.

This revelation comes after the federal government disbursed ₦2 billion to each governor last September as part of a ₦5 billion loan to cushion the impact of fuel subsidy removal.

Akpabio further revealed that, in addition to the initial funds, an extra ₦30 billion was allocated to the governors through the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

In response to these revelations, Senator Shehu Sani took to Twitter, urging citizens to hold their state governments accountable for the use of these funds, emphasizing that ₦30 billion is a substantial sum capable of alleviating hunger in their states.

He called on citizens to demand transparency and accountability from their state governments, highlighting that ₦30 billion is not a negligible amount.