TCN Reveals 60% of Metered Customers in Nigeria Bypassing Meters

During the National Institute of Physics’ webinar series 2.0, Ali Ahmad, TCN’s general manager, disclosed that 60% of metered customers bypass meters.

He highlighted that out of Nigeria’s estimated population of 230 million, only 13,112,134 Nigerians are officially registered to use electricity, with just 44.23% of them having meters, indicating the limited metering coverage in the country.

Ahmad emphasized that meter bypass contributes to the nation’s energy poverty, as Nigeria struggles with energy insecurity and deficiency.

He underscored the importance of energy security, defining it as having a reliable and affordable energy source, while energy poverty refers to the lack of access to good quality, affordable, and reliable energy.

Ahmad stressed the need for energy sovereignty and independence for Nigeria’s political and economic autonomy, stating that energy security is crucial for sustainable development.

He identified Nigeria’s energy vulnerability, citing heavy reliance on gas, insufficient production capacity, and unreliable gas supply as key factors hindering energy security.