Governor Bala Mohammad Building Confidence In Public Safety

From Abdullahi Idris, Bauchi

The wheels of confidence and justice towards ensuring security of lives and properties across the state has dutifully been achieved by Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammad administration by deploying the required mechanisms in supporting the efforts of both conventional and non conventional security agencies across Bauchi State to put a fight against bandits,cattle rustling,kidnappings,phone snatchers and sara-suka with a view to put a stop to all forms of moral transgressions In Bauchi State.

The cross-fertilized ideas of governor’s visionary leadership style has emancipated into so many brilliant transformations towards achieving greatness in peace building process,economic development and Growth initiatives which are the landmarks of every globally acceptable democratic society in the world.

Today,Bauchi has become a reference point in terms of peace,investment promotion and commitment to support windows to ensure greater opportunities for all to accessible and sustainable developmental initiatives in the best interests of greater Bauchi state.

The Governor’s extraordinary commitment to the creation of Bauchi state Vigilante and Youths empowerment Agency was also another great step ahead in building stronger and viable spirit in public confidence,and safety net initiatives among other critical mechanisms across Bauchi State.

With Ambassador Umar Aliyu Usman(popularly known as Shayi) as the Director of the Agency is another added advantage to put a big fight against banditry.

Ambassador umar Shayi,a highly dedicated man whose work has effectively made bandits run away from the geographical territory of Bauchi state and beyond;these results has been achieved with the full commitment of police,civil defense service and other conventional intelligence agencies for the achievements of sustainable successes in the areas of ensuring peaceful Bauchi state and Nigeria in general.

Bauchi Government has been engineering a lot of economic activities to ensure zero frustration Society for all citizens,l strongly believed that this is the body of governor Bala Mohammad administration,policies and leadership style initiatives towards ensuring good governance,peace,sustainable democracy and above all creating an enabling environment for all citizens including non citizens of the state.

The inscription”greater Bauchi state”sounds so effective and sustainable in this regard and it’s imperative to say that under Governor Bala Mohammad as a leader today,Bauchi state has become a reference in Africa in terms of peace and developmental initiatives.

Ambassador umar Aliyu Shayi has been recipient of international awards including the national awards across various stratification of our society from reputable professional organizations due to his outstanding contributions and professionalism displayed in the fight against bandits along with his gallantry men and officers with the full professional guidance and consent of conventional security operatives across Bauchi state and beyond.

This agency has also been saddled with full responsibility of youths and women empowerment to fight the clutches of abject poverty in Bauchi State and the agency was solidly established with the full backing of legislative mechanism under Bauchi State.

This is equally part of governor Bala proactive commitment to ensuring total eradication of poverty and unemployment among teeming citizens.

Umar Aliyu Shayi has been a rekindle hope,iota of naked truth and rays of lights in this perspective,he is a man of great experience and justice,history and commitment to the service of humanity whose believes in blowing the trumpet of gospel truth,peace and integrity among humanity.

He has verified certificate on crime Management and control from prestigious college in Nigeria,that is why is taking a great lead in transforming Bauchi state vigilante and youths empowerment agency as substantive Director General, Bauchi State commandant special constabulary police,whose doubled as ACG operation on Nigeria forestry services and hunters group as well as critical stakeholder in the fight against all forms of terrorism and moral transgressions in accordance with the law of the land and in the interest of public safety,security of lives and properties across Bauchi state.

Abdullahi Babangida Idris:
wrote in From Bauchi ancient city, Bauchi state and contributory journalist to various media outlets.