Kano Justice Orders Immediate Appearance of Murja Kunya in Court

The Federal High Court in Gyadi-Gyadi, Kano State, led by Justice Abdullahi Muhammad Liman, issued a swift directive demanding the immediate presence of Murja Ibrahim Kunya.

This came after Murja’s legal team filed a lawsuit against the Kano State Hisbah Commission, the Kano State Commissioner of Shari’a, and the PRP Islamic Court of Law.

Despite previous court acceptance of such requests, the government’s legal representatives appeared without Murja during today’s session.

Expressing discontent, Murja’s lawyers informed the court of this defiance. In response, the court ordered Murja’s presence within thirty minutes.

Following the court’s directive, Murja Kunya was promptly brought before the court by government lawyers, ensuring compliance with the judicial order.