God Told Me Tinubu‘ll Spend Eight years In Office – Umahi

Minister of Works, Dave Umahi, disclosed a divine revelation suggesting that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will serve two terms, lasting eight years. Speaking on Politics Today, Umahi cited ongoing projects, like the Lagos-Calabar coastal road, as evidence of Tinubu’s impending re-election. He asserted that his conviction stemmed from being both a pastor and a prophet, emphasizing the divine origin of Tinubu’s presidency.

Umahi elaborated on the Lagos-Calabar coastal road, detailing its specifications and projected completion within eight years under Tinubu’s administration. He emphasized the role of divine inspiration in President Tinubu’s governance, portraying it as a mission to rectify societal wrongs. Umahi concluded by expressing unwavering support for Tinubu’s leadership, echoing his belief in divine endorsement for an eight-year tenure.