SDP Nat. Chairman Criticizes Tinubu for Lacking Honest Advisors in His Cabinet

During a recent appearance on TVC’s “Reviewing The State of the Nation,” Shehu Musa Gabam, National Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), raised concerns about the composition of President Tinubu’s cabinet. Gabam emphasized the absence of honest advisors willing to offer candid criticism, suggesting potential repercussions for governance and policy implementation.

Gabam highlighted the lack of truth-tellers within President Tinubu’s inner circle, hinting at a possible deficiency in the administration’s leadership. This critique comes amid ongoing scrutiny of the government’s handling of various national issues.

Notably, recent political activities involving Mallam El Rufai, the former governor of Kaduna State, have sparked speculation about the motivations behind Gabam’s remarks. El Rufai’s reported meetings with SDP officials have fueled rumors of political discussions or realignments.

Observers and analysts are closely analyzing these developments to discern the implications of Gabam’s statements and El Rufai’s engagements with the SDP. Against the backdrop of Nigeria’s pressing challenges, concerns have arisen regarding the accountability and transparency within President Tinubu’s administration and the broader political landscape.

Stakeholders across diverse sectors are monitoring the situation closely to gauge its impact on Nigeria’s political dynamics and governance framework. The calls for effective leadership and accountable governance underscore the imperative for truth and integrity in the highest echelons of power.