EFCC Dismisses Prosecutor For Accepting Bribe from Bello and Wole

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has recently undergone a personnel change at a high level following a significant setback in a prominent case.

A federal judge issued a stern rebuke to the anti-corruption agency during a recent ruling on a bribery case involving former attorney-general Bello Adoke, Malabu Oil & Gas Ltd, and multinational corporations Eni and Shell.

The judge dismissed the case, criticizing the EFCC for its inability to substantiate key aspects of its indictment after four years of investigation. This case represented a pivotal effort by the Nigerian government to address corruption related to Nigeria’s deepwater OPL 245 oil block.

However, the agency’s leadership swiftly took action against one of its prosecutors, Offem Uket, whom they deemed responsible for the courtroom debacle. Uket, previously recognized for his work on high-profile cases, was terminated due to alleged misconduct, including compromising the case.

Despite this setback, the EFCC intends to pursue an appeal, citing sufficient evidence against the suspects and Uket’s deviation from the agency’s position in court.

The circumstances leading to Uket’s dismissal raised concerns about potential external pressures, including allegations of bribery, although the extent of his involvement remains unclear.

Meanwhile, the EFCC faces scrutiny over its handling of the case and the potential implications for ongoing investigations.