BREAKING: Zamfara APC Expels State Chairman Over Alleged Infractions

The Zamfara state leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the ward level has expelled Alhaji Tukur Danfulani Maikatako from his position as the state chairman. The decision, announced during a press conference convened by the Galadima ward executive committee in Gusau, comes amidst allegations of various infractions and divisive behavior.

According to the report by The Spectacles, Maikatako’s expulsion was prompted by his repeated disregard for party regulations and his divisive actions, which have reportedly fueled discord among party members. Sixteen out of twenty-seven members of the committee have signed the expulsion document, signaling a significant consensus within the leadership.

During the press conference, the expulsion was officially announced, underscoring the seriousness of the decision and its implications for party cohesion. In a stern warning to Maikatako, the ward leadership cautioned him against attempting to assume the role of chairman again, emphasizing the finality of his removal from office.

Furthermore, the ward spokesman and vice chairman of APC Galadima Ward, Alhaji Garba Bello, has called upon the national party to swiftly appoint a caretaker to oversee affairs in the state until a new chairman is elected. This move aims to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and maintain stability within the party amid the recent developments.

The expulsion of Maikatako highlights the APC’s commitment to upholding party discipline and unity, as well as its determination to address internal challenges effectively. As the party prepares for upcoming elections and strives to consolidate its position, such actions demonstrate its resolve to maintain integrity and accountability at all levels of leadership.