Fed Govt Plans ₦10 Million Grant for Corps Members

The Minister of Youth Development, Jamila Bio-Ibrahim, has announced plans to reform and restructure the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme.

Speaking at the inaugural meeting of NYSC management with heads of Corps-Producing Institutions (CPIs) in Abuja on Monday, Bio-Ibrahim revealed that over 5,000 corps members would receive funding of up to ₦10 million each for their entrepreneurial ventures. She also announced the imminent formation of a team to lead the review, restructuring, and reform of the NYSC.

“Permit me to inform you briefly about the upcoming NYSC reforms. I am pleased to announce that I will inaugurate a team to undertake the review, restructuring, and reforms of the NYSC. The first of these reforms will focus on reviewing participants with an entrepreneurship mindset and making skills development a core part of the programme,” Bio-Ibrahim stated.

The Minister emphasized that the goal is to make the NYSC not only self-sustaining but also a revenue-generating programme within the next five years. “The NYSC already aims for self-sustainability, but we intend to enhance their mandate for greater efficiency and effectiveness. We envision a future where NYSC programmes are self-sustained and revenue-generating, and to achieve this, we will institutionalise NYSC ventures as an investment and asset management outfit,” she added.

As part of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund programme for 2024, the Minister also reiterated that at least 5,000 corps members will receive funding of up to ₦10 million for their entrepreneurial ventures upon completing their service.

Meanwhile, the Director-General of the NYSC, Brigadier General Yushau Ahmed, welcomed the heads of CPIs, emphasizing the meeting’s aim to improve the mobilisation process of prospective corps members and address identified flaws for a more seamless operation.

“We have identified obstacles, such as the delegation of roles to subordinates, and believe that the direct involvement of chief executives of institutions will promote a deeper appreciation of issues and ensure desired results,” Ahmed said.

He reaffirmed the NYSC’s commitment to the security and welfare of corps members and urged CPIs, parents, and the general public to support efforts in sensitising young graduates about national service.

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Administration, Nyesom Wike, represented by the Mandate Secretary of Women Affairs Secretariat in the FCT Administration, Mrs. Adedayo Benjamins-Laniyi, praised the NYSC for involving critical stakeholders in strategizing for greater success. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the Scheme and stressed the need for innovative strategies to enhance the mobilisation process and overall engagement of young graduates in national development.

“The NYSC has consistently symbolised our collective commitment to national development, unity, and integration. However, we are aware of the challenges, including those related to the mobilisation process. Adopting innovative strategies to overcome these challenges and enhance best practices is crucial for the engagement of our young graduates in national development efforts,” he added.