23 Terrorists Killed in Violent Clash Between Rival Groups in Zamfara

Zamfara State, Nigeria – A violent clash erupted on Saturday between two rival terrorist groups, led by Bello Kaura and Kachalla Najaja, near Sunke Forest in the Anka Local Government Area of Zamfara State. The confrontation resulted in a fierce three-hour gun battle, claiming the lives of 23 terrorists.

The conflict began when Kaura and Najaja, the leaders of their respective factions, engaged in a direct confrontation in the Sunke Forest. The intense exchange of heavy gunfire between their groups marked the peak of their escalating rivalry. Kaura’s faction managed to repel the attackers from Najaja’s group, forcing them to retreat through the Gandu Forest in the Bukuyum area of the state.

Eyewitnesses reported that the deadly skirmish led to numerous casualties and left many others wounded. Over the past four years, terror leader Bello Kaura has imposed ransom and protection fees on local residents, causing many to flee their villages due to their inability to meet these demands. Sources revealed that the recent clash stemmed from Kaura’s resistance to Najaja’s encroachment on his territory. Kaura perceived Najaja’s attacks on villages within Anka as an unwarranted intrusion.

Following the initial confrontation, Kaura’s group managed to eliminate six terrorists affiliated with Najaja. In response, Najaja rallied his armed fighters to launch another assault on Kaura in the Sunke Forest. This subsequent confrontation resulted in the deaths of 17 terrorists loyal to Kaura in the Anka region.

The violence and tension between these rival groups have escalated, with Kaura vowing to eliminate Najaja’s faction. Meanwhile, Najaja’s group is reportedly making arrangements for another major confrontation, setting the stage for continued conflict in the region.

For years, residents have been subjected to violence, extortion, and displacement as they struggle to cope with the demands and threats from these terrorist groups. The conflict between Kaura and Najaja not only highlights the power struggle between these factions but also underscores the broader security challenges faced by communities in Zamfara State.

Local authorities and security forces are struggling to contain the violence and restore peace in the affected areas. The ongoing clashes contribute to the instability in Zamfara, complicating efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of the local population.