2024 Hajj: NAHCON to Reduce Pilgrims’ Duration of Stay in Saudi Arabia

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has implemented a strategy to shorten the duration of stay for Nigerian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia during the pilgrimage.

Malam Jalal Arabi, the Executive Chairman of NAHCON, announced this on Monday during an interview at the Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah.

Arabi revealed that the commission successfully transported 100% of Nigerian pilgrims directly to Madinah.

“By Allah’s help, if we achieve this target, we aim to reduce the number of days Nigerians spend performing the pilgrimage,” he said. “In the past, Nigerians often faced disarray and delays, unlike their counterparts from other countries who were promptly evacuated.”

He praised the presidency and the National Assembly for their significant support, contributing to the success of the ongoing Hajj operations. He also commended the air carriers for their reliability, attributing this to mutual trust.

“We lack adequate words to thank our Creator for His blessings. This achievement marks a significant milestone as 100% of our pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia 72 hours before the closure of Saudi airspace,” Arabi added.

Arabi emphasized the commission’s meticulous arrangements for feeding and medical care services during the core Hajj rites period, starting on June 13. He highlighted the importance of the Tafweej principle, which groups pilgrims for easier movement and identification.

He also mentioned new innovations in monitoring and food distribution, which have prompted him and some team members to proceed to Makkah for an assessment.

Arabi warned that service providers who failed to meet standards would face strict consequences. “A pilgrim is a king or queen, and we will not tolerate any neglect or humiliation.”

He advised Nigerian pilgrims to be patient, law-abiding, and prepared for harsh weather conditions in Madinah, assuring them that they had been adequately informed and warned about the climate.