BREAKING: Lawmakers Propose 6-Year Single Term for President, Governors

In their move aimed at restructuring Nigeria’s political landscape, a group of lawmakers in the House of Representatives is advocating for amendments to the 1999 Constitution. Their proposal seeks to establish a six-year single term for the President and Governors and to ensure the Presidency rotates among the country’s six geo-political zones.

On Monday in Abuja, Ikenga Ugochinyere, the representative for Ideato South/Ideato North Federal Constituency in Imo State, spoke on behalf of the group. He emphasized that these changes would not only enhance efficiency in governance but also reduce government spending and wastage. Ugochinyere stated, “The reduction in government spending and wastage, efficiency in governance, and national stability by providing a single term of six years for the President and Governors, will go a long way in cost-cutting measures.”

The proposed amendments aim to address issues of political equity and stability by rotating the Presidency, thereby giving each geo-political zone an equal opportunity to lead the nation. This, the lawmakers believe, would foster a sense of inclusion and mitigate ethnic and regional tensions.

The proposed single tenure of six years is expected to provide a stable and focused administration, reducing the distractions and expenses associated with re-election campaigns. By limiting the term to one tenure, the lawmakers argue that elected officials can concentrate on governance rather than political maneuvering for re-election.

Further details of the proposed amendments and the legislative process they will undergo are awaited. This development signals a potential shift in Nigeria’s political framework, promising significant implications for the country’s future governance.

More information will be provided as the story develops.