2024 Budget: ₦132bn ‘Frivolous’ Allocation Enough to Pay 55,083 Workers’ ₦100k MW

Civic-tech organization BudgIT revealed on Tuesday that up to ₦132 billion has been allocated for non-essential expenditures in the 2024 budget. According to BudgIT, this amount could instead be used to pay a monthly minimum wage of ₦100,000 to 55,083 workers for two years.

Labeling the report “Opportunity Cost of Frivolities in the 2024 Budget,” BudgIT highlighted that the National Assembly’s budget alone includes ₦53.12 billion in potentially frivolous spending. This sum could fund the monthly wages of 22,083 workers at ₦100,000 for two years.

The organization identified several specific allocations deemed unnecessary, including ₦4 billion for a National Assembly recreation center, ₦6 billion for a Senate and House of Representatives car park, and ₦2 billion for the purchase of SUVs, among others.

BudgIT’s analysis underscores the significant impact that reallocated funds could have on improving the livelihoods of Nigerian workers, advocating for a more prudent and impactful use of the nation’s budgetary resources.