Minimum Wage: Gov’t Can Afford to Pay Any Amount, Nigeria is Rich – Lamido

Former Jigawa State Governor, Sule Lamido, has made a bold statement on the minimum wage debate, asserting that Nigeria’s wealth is sufficient to accommodate any amount as a new national minimum wage.

He pointed to the government’s ability to allocate a massive ₦17 trillion for the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway project without National Assembly approval, suggesting that funding constraints are not a legitimate excuse.

Lamido’s comments come amidst the ongoing minimum wage negotiations, where organized labor has rejected the federal government’s proposed ₦62,000 as insufficient.

The former governor’s stance echoes labor’s demands for a higher minimum wage, emphasizing the country’s capacity to afford a more substantial amount.

In essence, Lamido’s argument is that if Nigeria can afford such a massive infrastructure project, it should also be able to prioritize its workers’ welfare by paying a higher minimum wage.

His statement adds weight to the ongoing debate, putting pressure on the government to reconsider its stance and engage in meaningful negotiations with labor leaders.