YARI HAS GONE MAD: When U.S Embassy upgraded To court of final jurisdiction after Nigerian supreme court?

I think what has happened to Yari after the Supreme Court Verdict which annulled the adulterated victory of his party in Zamfara is what I termed as “political bad end” for the former Governor.

His political exit from the seat of power shall serve as a good lesson for all politicians.

This is a man who feels on top of everyone in Nigeria. He refused to heed to all the advices given to him to perfect his political journey with caution.

During the political battle he talks as if there is no law in Nigeria. He insulted everyone he found along his way including the party Chairman whom he runs to for help early this week.

That was not enough he has now created another political chapter in the Nigerias political history by appealing the Supreme Court verdict to a diplomatic embassy of the United States.

For me the action of Zamfara former Governor of going to the U. S embassy to seek for their help in reviewing the Supreme Court judgment against his party is a “madness of the highest order” and I think it’s a clear demonstration that the “man is knocked completely”.

The blood of innocent lives loss under his watch as a Governor of Zamfara is now spilling back on him and for sure his political carrier is finished in Zamfara by the special grace of God.

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