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Yari Politics In Final Eclipes? By Mohammed Aliyu Alkali

After tracing the word REVIEW from my learned friends in judicial register. It seems good to me also to explore my little understanding with regard to the current political impasses in my state.

Great men are made naturally to be wise thinking personalities within their communities. They respect every human commitments and feelings,they equally share with every one with regard to the respect of law and order.

Our great country Nigeria has it law and order as enshrined in the constitution which guided the country in every affair.

As our country have gone far in Democratic leadership, we experienced a lot of shortcomings and errors. Politics is a gradual process which can met with such problems but time and leadership change the situation.

From the first republic to present dispensation many politicians experienced political frustrations,some through lost of election some through military coup. So many politician lost election and went to the court to protest the election outcome and eventually failed,yet they took destiny and continue with their business.

President Muhammadu Buhari lost election three times and went to court three times and lost. He remained disciplined and accept court verdict. Our former Governor Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi lost election two times and went to the court six times and lost, he also accept the destiny and remain discipline by respecting law and order.

The present supreme court judges are trying to clear the political corruption in our country politics. Previously our politicians didn’t recognized courts, this is why they engaged in enforcing candidate and manipulate election. They also underrated courts with the believe that, court judges cannot do anything to them after they won election.

The major problem is enforcing candidate as against the choice of electorates. Our state Zamfara faces this type of problem where by candidates are enforced for twenty years. The former governor who attempted to enforced candidate to his party,met strong opposition from some aspirants that are willing to contest in various elective post. As a result of this,crisis erupted the party and a valid primary election was not conducted.

The judicial action taken by those who are denied their political right despite the fact that they are lawful members of the party,the tussle ended in the supreme court. The verdict testify that no valid primaries conducted by the party in the state and declared the vote casted to the party as WASTED VOTE.

The frustrated members of the party leaded by the former governor went again to supreme court for review and was rejected by the apex court. They again went back for the second time for another review. But the question is this; what is going to be review and who is to judge the review?


I think it is high time now for the supreme court to silence the issue of Review by enacting a judgement that will set another lesson to the politicians. It is higher time for the supreme court judges to deal with people like YARI and his allies that are playing with their intelligence. And the so called Senior Advocate that are perforating the saga in order to attract people attention and to generate more revenue.

Mohammed Aliyu Alkali.
Chairman Censorship Board.

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