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OLPEF Provides Educational Support To Reduce Banditry In Zamfara

There are so many orphans and less privileged support organizations. One unique feature of our OLPEF is we focus more on providing EDUCATIONAL support to youth not children. Most of organizations you will find talk about the welfare of the orphans and less privileged. You could hardly find this type of orphans and less privileged support organization.

Our initiative evolved with the aim of supporting government of Zamfara State in tacking insurgency issues such as the arm banditry and kidnapping that bedeviled the state before the coming of the current administration. We are supporting the government in sustaining it’s efforts in providing efficient security to the state. How are we doing it?

What we understood is that these Kidnappers or their informants are youth (mostly jobless youth or those who could not be able to go to school) recruited easily and joined because of token amount of money they get to commit crime. Those who are likely to join these heinous crimes are the neglected youth in the society who could be the orphans or the disadvantaged persons (the less privileged).

We are therefore committed to providing the necessary educational and skills acquisition support to these categories of individuals in Zamfara State in order to help the government to sustain it’s security initiative. Government cannot do everything alone. And that’s why we are here to provide support to government. We chose not to be criticizing the government rather support the government in its security plans. If the government failed to deliver we also have failed.

I will therefore encourage any meaningful Nigerian to think of what to offer to the government in his immediate community. It doesn’t make you a hero when you continue to attack or criticize government. If you are to be asked at your position criticizing government what have you offered to your immediate community as a person from there what will be your response? Judge yourself first. It is our communities and hence we have the duty to secure them first then government can provide reinforcement with security personnel. If our communities are attacked the harm is done to us. Therefore think first. We are actually the government! We therefore need everybody’s support in this struggle.

May Allah be pleased with us

We will continue to speak for the voiceless

Thank you

Dr Tijjani Salihu Shinkafi, PhD

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