BELMAT(2023) GROUP – New Beginning (9): Installation Of CCTV Cameras


By Muhammad Aliyu Alkali

Our proud governor Bello Matawalle is innovative, inventive and progressive. We are in a world of technology, world of scientific development, world of taste and fashion and indeed world of different challenges. Seems wailers wants our state to remain idle and continue to maintain it status as the last alphabet. We have begin to see our state becoming a New world of developments. Gusau the capital of our state and some local government in the state are also equipped with the CCTV camera’s.

Closed Circuit Camera television(CCTV) this system is reliable, which means it is often used for traffic monitoring, building and grounds security, medical facilities and other important purposes. A CCTV camera can also be used to keep your home and its occupants safer. You can watch it from the monitor, a computer, and even your smartphone.

Security challenges, social vices,motorist activities and others are easy traced via CCTV Camera recorded memories. I remember Jamal kashoegie,a Saudi Arabian journalist resident of Turkey,he was last seen entering into Saudi Arabia consulate after he was declared missing in 2018. But captured video by CCTV camera raised a lot of question of investigation.

Government policies are many any project embarked by government has it own relevance and importance to the people, one project cannot deprived another project and every project have it significant role to the peoples living. The most important project are equally given much attention by the present administration. Notably among them are; Health,education, security and water supply.

The major contemporary issues in our state today are our opposition perspective views are formulated by the opposition to satisfied their greed. I believe many are not worthy to be considered as vital issues to discuss,instead we shall be proud of our state development. Our state have so many records in terms of policy making. The whole world testify our state in terms of mineral exploration we need investors from all over the world to come to our state and invest. The significant role of technology is to identify our potentials and people’s interaction with regard to day to day activities.

Every state in the country have it feats of accomplishments and have it way of polishing it state capital and local governments, but in a situation where a state remain doom without any capital development is retrogressive. Many issues arises,some ignoble attitudes by our wailers propagated the issues in negative response. What they failed to do during their stayed in office became a poison in their stomach. Not minding their infamous character our state is going to the higher level. We rest their case and consider it as disregarding.

Our state under the able leadership of Bello Matawalle, is gradually metamorphosing into a new world. Our state future generation will see the legacies of the present administration. We are very much optimistic that the development stages of our state will continue manifest beyond 2023 insha Allah. Our prayers is may Allah continue to help Matawalle to succeed.

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