The Importance Of Political Timing And Practice, By Abbati Bako

Timing is an imperative part of political practice. Any politician that is ignorant of political timing can be described as an imperfect politician.

In conventional life if a man cannot know the right time for eating, drinking, working, sleeping, reading, or resting and possibly training; the man doesn’t deserve to head a family talks less of a nation like Nigeria with the population of about 200 million.

Politics, like anything else, has rules and principles as well as vision and how to practicalize the game. The late USA president Richard Nickson’s water gate issue did not arise until he was about two years in office. And the initiators and backers of this political strategic game succeeded in impeaching the late President of America Richard Nickson in early 1970’s.

Another example is the issue of president Clinton on Monica Leweski’s case of using wrong timing in Political Practice.The initiators and backers of that political strategy failed to impeach President Clinton due to none use of the right timing and the move woefully failed.

And to back home Nigeria. The use of perfect political timing in Kaduna State in 1980 to impeach former Governor Balarabe Musa by the State House Legislators was another example to use political timing to win and achieve your political target. Balarabe Musa was elected on the platform of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) but without PRP majority in the State House of Assembly and he was impeached by 2/3 majority members from opposition National Party of Nigeria (NPN). To use timing in political practice is imperative part of success in politics.

And gain, the National Assembly under the leadership by R/Hon. Ghali Umar Na’abba in 1999 to 2003 is another example of using perfect political timing in political practice. Majority of the members from the ruling PDP and with the cooperation from opposition parties decided to impeach former Nigeria’s President Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo. But they failed woefully due to failure and lack of realization of perfect political timing and they were persuaded by Nigeria’s democratic stakeholders despite the fact that the members have all the reasons based on fact and figures and the majority of 2/3 of N/A members from both majority party and minority members.

Another move was attempted against current President Muhammad Buhari in 2019 by some of his party (APC) members under the leadership of former Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki with the backing of minority members. The attempt failed woefully. Most of members from his party that backed and supported the move to impeached PMB were not opportune to be reelected in APC’s primaries in 2019; I think they were 15 in number and they are currently in political eclipse.

Politics is a game of calculation, strategy, mission, vision and practicality. Also a game of planning, manipulation and most importantly timing. Without proper and accurate timing; failure is inevitable in both advanced/emerging democracies.

To be continued———inshaAllah

Abbati Bako (CEO IPRC, Nigeria)