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Matawalle Humbles Zamfara APC On Opposition Responsibilities

By Bashar A. Bashar Maradun.

Yehuda Berg said: “On one hand, we know that everything happens for a reason, and there are no mistakes or coincidences”. And on the other hand: “we learn that we can never give up, knowing that with the right tools and energy, we can reverse any decree or karma”. So, which is it? Let the light decides or never give up? The answer suggest, both.

It seems Governor Bello Matawalle Maradun has rejuvenated the dead APC Zamfara into life. The massive Infrastructural projects, conceived and which will dot Zamfara State, are disjointing their nerve systems, thus, throwing them into disarray. They couldn’t stand it any further. They’ve been issuing Press Statements since the Matawalle’s projects tornado hits and bangs them hard, and directly in the face.

i suppose, it’s enough to cover their face in the trenches of shame and infamy. But, I guess, it made them more unsettled as they tilt towards insanity. I grew very sad, and confused on how they came to the conclusion that the massive constructions, and renovations of schools, classrooms, and administrative blocks in almost all the Secondary, and Primary Schools.

One thing is clear, Governor Matawalle has now decapitated every opposition in Zamfara State. Nothing matters in Zamfara except Governor Matawalle and his glaring projects. They had never imagined it to be so, with aura of warm embrace, by discerning mind and other well meaning citizens. Again, they thought the issue of the Insecurity in Zamfara state will help in shrouding their failures. And boom! It only exposes conspicuously their failure. Matawalle has demonstrated commitment towards the fight against banditry, and no amount of blackmail can get him blackened.

Perhaps, they ‘ve forgot how we awashed this humble medium with calls, and pleadings to their leaders who are currently holding positions, with bearing on security. to the patriotic calls, wanting to, probably score political points, with the escalation in security breaches in other parts of the state. Then, how in the name of God, these same people can publicly resort to lies, thinking they can pressure Governor Matawalle on security issues in our dear state. This, can be summed up, as the biggest gate of the century.

One thing APC Zamfara should have learnt or get sensitized from Governor Matawalle is, he doesn’t go public without evidence to solidify his facts. Indeed, in Governor Bello Matawalle’s life, there are many lessons to learn.

Bashar A. Bashar wrote from Zamfara.

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